Apple Fanboy Tears Apart USB-C iPhone As He Realizes He Is Using an Android Phone.

The European Union designated USB-C as the standard charging port for future smartphones this fall.

The iPhone is one of Apple’s more recent products, and it has yet to be updated to include USB-C. Many consumers have been hoping that Apple would bring USB-C support to the iPhone, which might make charging all of their gadgets easier.

The C94 connector, which is used in Apple’s Lightning cables and connectors, was one of the most difficult aspects for Pillonel to figure out how to utilize.

That wasn’t the end of the struggle. Pillonel said the next significant obstacle was integrating all of the new components into the iPhone’s frame, which necessitated him to completely reverse engineer the C94 connector’s circuit board.

Unfortunately, these procedures are most likely too sophisticated for the average iPhone user to accomplish on their own phone, but even just proving it is possible is an accomplishment in and of itself.

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T hese days will have to be endured by the rest of us as we continue to fantasize about a day when we may charge our iPhones with the same cable as iPads or most Android phones.