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Another fantastic Walking Dead actor has recently joined the cast of Invincible

With Jeffrey Dean Morgan’s addition to the cast of Invincible, speculation about the character he will portray on the popular Prime Video series has already begun.

Yesterday (January 29), Morgan published an Instagram photo of himself leaning on volumes 2 and 3 of Invincible. When taken together, the picture and message confirmed Morgan’s participation in the upcoming second season of Invincible. Season 3 of the Prime Video series is already in production, so at the absolute least he’ll be lending his voice to a character.

The official Invincible Twitter account also shared a copy of Morgan’s Instagram photo with the caption, “nothing else to see here.” The ensuing tweet confirmed Morgan’s participation if his own social media post hadn’t already.

Morgan’s hire comes after a little over a week after the premiere date and teaser trailer for season 2 of Invincible were announced. The teaser poked fun at the length of time it was taking to make the second season and announced that it will premiere in late 2023. The first issue of the comic book, Invincible, was published on January22,2003, therefore those announcements occurred only two days before the 20th anniversary of the series. In addition, there has been no official confirmation from Amazon Studios that they have renewed Invincible for a fourth season behind the scenes.

Notably, with Morgan’s addition to the cast of Invincible, there are now nine former cast members of The Walking Dead featured on the programme. Lauren Cohan and Lennie James are just two of the many performers who have made brief appearances. On the other hand, Steven Yeun (Mark Grayson/Invincible), Ross Marquand (Rudy Connors/The Immortal), and Khary Payton (Black Sansom) play the series’ primary and supporting characters, respectively.

Take charge and dominate

Although his specific part has yet to be revealed, Invincible fans have a good idea who Morgan will voice: Conquest.

Conquest is one of Mark Grayson’s toughest adversaries in the comics. In the same vein as Omni-Man and Mark, Conquest is a Viltrumite who takes great pleasure in the slaughter of those who stand in the way of the Viltrumite Empire. Despite his advanced age and battle scars, this veteran is nonetheless one of the most formidable Viltrumites to ever live.

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To me, Morgan is the ideal candidate for the role of Conquest. The actor’s performance as Negan, the show’s main adversary, brought the character to life with genuine menace and hate. Morgan’s cocky, cruel performance as Negan makes him a great match for the role of a crazy villain like Conquest, even though Negan is more of an anti-hero these days (at least in the TV series).

However, whether or not Conquest will make its debut in Invincible Season 2 remains to be seen. It wasn’t until April 2009’s issue 61 when Conquest first appeared in comics. Given that the first season of Invincible only spanned the first 13 issues of the graphic novels, and that the second season is expected to follow a similar path, it will be a long time before Conquest makes its way to television.

Morgan is more likely to provide his voice as Grand Regent Thragg, the series’ main adversary and a recurrent foe throughout the comics. Thragg first appeared in issue 11 of Invincible, which came out in April 2004. If the second season of Invincible takes up some of the dangling narrative lines and character introductions from issues 1 through 13, Thragg may make an appearance in the following episode and formally welcome Morgan into the voice acting fold.

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One of the finest Prime Video programmes of all time is returning, and fans can’t wait to see who Morgan plays. We’ll have to wait longer than we’d want for season 2 of Invincible, but it’ll be well worth it. If you haven’t seen the programme yet but are interested in learning more about Invincible, check out our review of season 1 and see how the season 1 conclusion may inform Amazon’s decisions for seasons 2 and 3.

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