An unwelcome revelation was in store for Apple Music Student Plan subscribers this week

For the second time this year, Apple is boosting the price of its Apple Music Student plan in the United States, Canada, and the United Kingdom without announcing it.

In the American plan, which costs $5.99 a month, Twitter users observed a pricing increase and alerted the company. You’ll notice the similar price hikes in the Canadian and UK storefronts, which are now $5.99 and £5.99.

Observing current trends

There has been a recent increase in price, based on the time stamp. Looking back at archived Apple Music Store pages (opens in new tab) from June 21, you’ll find the former pricing of $4.99 USD, which can be found by using Wayback Machine. Canadian and British sites are also affected.

It’s hardly a surprise that the company has made this latest step. Other nations have seen price increases of the same magnitude. Many more countries have been identified as possible places for this new software. These include the Philippines, Saudi Arabia and Israel to mention a few according to a report from MacRumors. Apple, on the other hand, took the effort to notify everyone in those countries through email, which some people then posted on social media (opens in new tab).

It looks that the other proposals are the same. In the United States, for example, the Apple Music Individual plan is still $9.99 per month. It’s not apparent why the Student plan was the only one to see a price increase; the same is true for the Family and Voice plans.

Neither an official statement nor an email outlining Apple’s reasoning have been made available. We asked the corporation if it could provide an explanation for the price increase and potentially divulge if it would be implemented in other nations as well. Unfortunately, we never received a response from Apple.

Trying to find a lower price

Students may begin to hunt for better streaming options as a result of this price increase. You can see this on Spotify’s premium student plan, for example. Students may purchase Spotify Premium and two Hulu/Showtime subscriptions for $4.99.

It’s true that Apple Music offers better sounding music owing to Spatial Audio, but Spotify hasn’t yet implemented lossless audio. Spotify isn’t just a music streaming service. Since then, the site has said that it is working on introducing audiobooks to its users. It’s not clear whether Apple’s efforts to win over podcasters will be enough to keep consumers on the more expensive Student plan. TechRadar recently put Spotify and Apple Music to the test to see which service is superior.