An AI-powered code aid is now available via Amazon Web Services (AWS)

A new AI coding assistance from Amazon Web Services seems to put Amazon in direct competition with GitHub, proving that no industry is immune from the online retail giant (AWS).

Amazon CodeWhisperer, a new machine learning-based tool for developers, is designed to help them work more efficiently.

In addition to VS Code, IntelliJ IDEA, PyCharm, WebStorm and AWS Cloud9, the new tool supports code written in Python, Java and JavaScript as well as integrated development environments (IDEs).

How does it all go down, exactly?

CodeWhisperer, according to Amazon, will check your code and comments on a regular basis to provide you with syntactically accurate suggestions. According to the IT giant, the suggestions “are not merely snippets” and are generated based on your coding style and variable names.

According to CodeWhisperer, it seems to leverage a variety of contextual indicators, including the position of the cursor, code that before and follows the cursor, comments, and code from other files in the same projects.

“Billions of lines of code” from open source repositories, internal Amazon repositories, API documentation and forums were used to train Amazon’s machine learning technology, the company said in a statement.

There are no restrictions on how users may use the suggestions; they can take them as-is or make changes to better suit their needs.

AWS Lambda Console support isn’t available now, but Amazon says it will be accessible’very soon.’

It’s doubtful that GitHub will celebrate this development, even if it’s likely to be a relief to engineers. Copilot, the site’s AI-powered coding helper, was recently made generally available, according to the popular coding platform.

Developers may need all the aid they can get to keep their sanity in check. This year, 42 percent of DigitalOcean employees plan to leave or have already done so, citing difficulties such a lack of time and resources to focus on their projects.