AMD’s budget-friendly RDNA 2 GPUs could be on the way

For those who’re seeking to rating a very wallet-friendly AMD graphics card, finances RDNA 2-powered GPUs could possibly be pitching up earlier than too lengthy – or on the very least, we’ve caught sight of the existence of such playing cards.

Particularly, – which watches Linux developments like a hawk – flagged up mentions of a brand new GPU collection within the code for Linux graphics drivers, a sure ‘Beige Goby’.

This new fish-based codename joins AMD’s current Big Navi families of ‘Sienna Cichlid’ (Navi 21, meaning RX 6800 and 6900 cards) and ‘Navy Flounder’ (Navi 22, RX 6700 XT).

In theory there will be two further ranges: ‘Dimgrey Cavefish’, which could be Navi 23, the GPU expected to power the RX 6600 cards (rumors about these have been flying around a lot recently), and now we have ‘Beige Goby’ (purportedly Navi 24) bringing up the rear.

The expectation, as Tom’s Hardware, which noticed this growth, observes, is that ‘Beige Goby’ would be the engine of the budget-level graphics playing cards under the RX 6600, so that might imply RX 6500 or 6400 merchandise (the 6500 GPUs may alternatively be Navi 23-based – we simply don’t know at this level, and all this stays guesswork, so undoubtedly maintain a eager sense of skepticism handy).

Taking inventory

Recognizing only a plain new codename with none GPU specs or different particulars in any respect could appear unexciting, however the truth that AMD is bringing help for ‘Beige Goby’ GPUs into Linux is a sign that work is underway on realizing these finances graphics playing cards, and suggests they could possibly be on cabinets (and in laptops) earlier than too lengthy (maybe later this yr).

Extra RX 6000 GPU choices will after all be welcome, though the ever-present doubt when mulling over graphics card launches nowadays is how a lot inventory will likely be out there on (and after) launch.

Hopefully provide points could begin to calm down later in 2021, however on that rating, what we’ve heard from AMD isn’t very constructive to date this yr – and TSMC, which makes chips for AMD (and others), lately mentioned that element shortages are prone to persist into 2022. Let’s simply say we wouldn’t be getting too excited but, as a result of even when new inexpensive merchandise are launched, on this present local weather, inventory may stay vanishingly skinny.