Amazon AWS Egress Data Transfer Limits Expanded

Amazon Web Services (AWS) cloud unit has revealed an enormous expansion of its free tier, allowing customers to transfer more data between AWS regions and CloudFront’s content delivery network (CDN) before having to pay.

Amazon’s launch of its new offering, Amazon Glacier, is meant to stave off mounting criticism over exorbitant data transfer costs while also countering competitive initiatives from other cloud vendors. It also aims to keep smaller clients on board as their demands for cloud infrastructure grow.

Those who spend a lot of money.

Amazon has taken the title as the runaway market leader for cloud infrastructure, accounting for around a third of all public cloud spend. Amazon’s cloud strategy is aided by its free AWS tier, which was first offered in 2010 as a “carrot on a stick” to entice developers and businesses to take a test drive of all the fantastic cloud possibilities before investing real money.

The CDNs’ main advantage, in terms of cost savings, is that they significantly reduce page delivery time for websites by reducing or eliminating the need for content delivery to customers over the internet. However, because competition exists in nearly every sector, firms must frequently review their prices and structures to ensure that any new (or existing) kid on the block does not steal business from them.

Just a few months ago, CDN behemoth Cloudflare made its entrance into the object storage market in a major way by challenging Amazon’s S3 with its own Cloudflare R2 Storage. This included complete API compatibility with S3 without the expensive egress bandwidth costs that cloud services like Amazon charge.

Egress costs, which are essentially “hidden” charges incurred whenever a firm wants to move data out of its cloud and send it somewhere else, are frequently regarded as a method for vendors to “lock” their clients in. As such, Cloudflare established the Bandwidth Alliance in 2018, with Oracle becoming part of a network of 19 cloud firms that have committed to removing “unnecessary data transfer fees.”

All of this hubbub may have put pressure on the major cloud providers, at least AWS, to reconsider their high egress costs.

Amazon will raise the amount of data that organizations on its free tier may transfer to the internet without paying from 1 GB per region to 100 GB each month, which includes Amazon S3, EC2, and Elastic Load Balancing. Data transfers from AWS GovCloud and AWS China regions are two notable exceptions.

The most significant change with Amazon’s CloudFront CDN is that its data transfer limit has been raised from 50 GB to 1 TB a month.

Furthermore, the 12-month trial period is being discontinued, making this a permanent feature for CloudFront users. Finally, Amazon is increasing the quantity of free HTTP and HTTPS requests from 2 million to 10 million in response to customer feedback.

On December 1, 2021, the regulations will take effect.