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All US states will soon receive at-home sexual healthcare thanks to TBD Health

Given that reproductive rights are a divisive issue across the political spectrum in the United States, we must consider the following. In a not-so-quiet manner, TBD Health is raising $4.4 million to expand its reach and provide sexual healthcare that is both patient-focused and welcoming to everyone in the United States.

“It was vital for us to establish a sex-positive healthcare firm that made it simple for individuals to prioritise their health,” said Daphne Chen, co-founder and co-CEO of TBD Health. To quote one of our founders, “As someone who has experienced firsthand the judgement that doctors and clinicians pass when it comes to sexual health, it is our mission to create a safe space for people to seek inclusive, trauma-aware care, as well as treatment and resources on their own terms, regardless of where they live.”

In light of unprecedented disruption, the corporation is expanding its activities. One extreme is the rise of polyamory and the continued need of testing and protection for those involved in such arrangements. On the other hand, there is a massive gap in sex education and access to sexual health clinics throughout the United States. The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) estimates that 20% of Americans have a sexually transmitted infection (STI), and that young people are not as effective as they may be in preventing STIs.

“We have a couple of services that are available today. One of which is our at-home STI testing, which we’re really excited about because it’s a protocol that allows you to manage your sexual health from the comfort and privacy of home,” says Chen. “What that looks like is we’re able to send you a kit that’s customized to your specific needs and your risk profile to your home, you’re able to self-collect your samples (urine, blood as well as any swab samples that might be needed), which then gets shipped to our partner lab and you get your results in just a few days. All results are reviewed by our clinical team and a customized care plan is created just for you. And we’re also really excited about the fact that your relationship with TBD doesn’t end after your test result comes back. We are creating an ongoing relationship, and we’re doing a lot of follow-up. We really believe that as your sex life changes your sexual health care needs do too. And so we want to stay on top of that and make sure that we’re able to serve you no matter where you are in your sexual health journey.”

One year ago, when the firm was just getting rolling with its at-home services in addition to its in-person clinic in Las Vegas, we had a conversation with them. Tusk Venture Partners led the $4.4 million round of funding, with participation from Springdale Ventures, Human Ventures, Expansion VC, Starbloom Capital, Hyphen Capital, and The Community Fund, the startup announced.

The closing of community-based sexual health centres around the country is becoming more common owing to a lack of support. Co-CEO of TBD Health and co-founder Stephanie Estey said this places a “incredible load” on individuals in critical need of treatment. To put it another way, “we strive to provide a solution for individuals living in sexual health care deserts and beyond by delivering a more accessible and friendly method to take care of your sexual health.”

The effects of Roe v. Wade on the accessibility and availability of sexual health care are, of course, the centre of attention.

“Since Roe v. Wade was reversed last year, it is vital that individuals must have accessible alternatives to reproductive and sexual healthcare,” said Bradley Tusk, managing partner of Tusk Venture Partners, in a statement supplied by TBD. We are pleased to support TBD Health as they pioneer innovative approaches to healthcare by providing STD testing kits, making emergency contraception available for next-day delivery throughout the country, and opening a care centre in Las Vegas.

With extensive training in trauma-informed care and radical inclusion, the company’s physicians are able to respond compassionately and effectively to a wide range of challenging sexual health issues.

“The true differentiator of TBD is the care that comes along with the experience. All of our clinicians are trained in sex positivity, they have sensitivity training, and they are trauma-aware. And so with TBD, you are not just getting a test result. You’re getting a partner. So what does that actually look like?” Estey asks rhetorically. “That looks like counseling. That looks like making sure you have the next steps. That looks like making sure that you have resources to think about an STI result both for yourself as well as your partners. We really walk you through the entire process. That is dramatically lacking in healthcare today, which feels very transactional. TBD is all about putting the human and compassionate approach back into the experience and making sure that people feel empowered to take ownership of their sexual healthcare.”