Adobe wants to help businesses survive the death of third-party cookies

As Google Chrome and different browsers put together to finish help for third-party cookies, Adobe has introduced the subsequent era of its Actual-time Buyer Information Platform (CDP) to assist manufacturers activate identified and unknown buyer knowledge.

The corporate’s Actual-time CDP permits manufacturers to handle your complete buyer profile and journey seamlessly in a single system with out the necessity for third-party cookies.

As customers have grown extra conscious of the worth of the info they share on-line, a patchwork of privateness laws like GDPR have begun to emerge on a global scale. At the same time though, organizations remain committed to offering personalized brand experiences which they have typically relied on tracking from third-party cookies to create.

Now that Google has introduced its new tracking technology FLoC in Chrome, brands will have reduced insight about unknown visitors to their digital properties which will hurt their ability to provide a compelling customer experience.

Adobe Real-time CDP

Adobe’s Real-time CDP offers brands a centralized hub that brings together different types of first-party event and attribute data to help them form a more complete view of their customers. The platform allows brands to combine first-party web, app and media data from publishers to build richer customer profiles. They can then use Adobe Target to create personalized experiences for their visitors.

As it has become increasingly difficult to get unknown visitors to register on a brand’s site using their email or phone number, Adobe Real-time CDP lets brands build a prospect’s profile based on brand interactions. This data is then ingested by Adobe Target and used to orchestrate the next best content, offer or experience for them.

Adobe has also added a new feature called Segment Match to its platform that lets brands collaborate to expand their own first-party data through partnerships. Look-alike Segments on the other hand allow brands to identify additional customers who share similar attributes to their best-known customers.

In a press release saying the subsequent era of Adobe Actual-time CDP, EVP and GM of Adobe’s digital expertise enterprise and worldwide discipline operations, Anil Chakravarthy defined how the platform is utilizing first-party knowledge versus third-party cookies to assist manufacturers provide higher customized experiences, saying:

“As customers, we now count on customized model experiences whereas being in charge of the info we share. With Adobe Actual-time CDP, we’re partnering with manufacturers to ship related, responsive and respectful experiences via first-party knowledge.”

Manufacturers thinking about testing out Adobe Actual-time CDP for themselves can request a demo for Adobe Expertise Cloud on the corporate’s website.