According to reports, the wackiest telecom provider is for sale

Many businesses invest a significant amount of money on advertising strategies that are designed to portray themselves as hip. While spending money to promote your brand is simple, it’s far more uncommon to come across a business that truly looks to be doing things differently. However, over the last several years, Mint Mobile has given us the impression that they are. As news spreads that Mint Mobile is for sale, we are now unsure of how long that condition could remain.

When Ryan Reynolds bought a share in the MVNO in 2019, Mint Mobile truly came into the limelight. Since then, the likeable actor has been prominently featured in a number of campaigns that straddle the lines of the whimsical and outlandish, like selling an absurd $2,500, 25-year prepaid plan and reintroducing Rick Moranis to the world.

LightReading claims that Ultra Mobile, the parent company of Mint, is presently marketing the MVNO around. However, according on insiders’ assessments of the negotiation process, Ultra is demanding an outright ludicrous amount. The whole endeavour is now being characterised as casual, and Ultra could simply be testing the market. But if a transaction could be reached, it probably would include both Mint and the Ultra property Plum Mobile.

Although it’s difficult to deny that Reynolds has had a significant influence on the carrier’s rising success, it remains to be seen what role he could play in Mint under new ownership. Besides, who wants a Mint without Ryan Reynolds?