A whole new kind of Kubernetes is being developed by Microsoft

Kubernetes for lightweight Windows edge computing deployments is the focus of a significant new Microsoft initiative.

Microsoft’s long-rumored “Project Haven” might be a huge step forward in the effort to introduce Kubernetes to Windows edge computing devices.

During Microsoft’s Build developer conference in the coming several weeks, Project Haven will be further discussed.

Is there anything more Microsoft has in store for Kubernetes?

In an announcement for a Project Haven Microsoft Build session, the news was announced and additional information promised.

The website claims that “Kubernetes, born in the cloud, is making its way to the edge.”. “Microsoft is working on allowing Kubernetes for lightweight Windows edge devices, so that Linux and Windows containerized workloads may run on these devices. You’ll learn about the most recent advancements as well as what’s coming up in the future.”

The Kubernetes panel at Microsoft Build isn’t the only one

There will also be a Customer Tech Talk with Starbucks at the conference, which will describe how the coffee company transferred their mobile app infrastructure to Azure and how they continue to manage and expand using Azure Kubernetes Services.

Microsoft isn’t the only major tech company supporting developer-friendly Kubernetes solutions.

An automated provisioning and management procedure has been added to Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE) in order to make it easier for customers to manage their container infrastructure.

According to Intel’s study, the future of computing looks bright for edge computing.

76% of respondents to Intel’s “The Edge Outlook” poll said they were having difficulty determining “the appropriate place” to process data because of this growing awareness of the edge’s importance.