A total of seven new Macs, including the Apple M2, are scheduled for delivery in the next months

A new 13-inch MacBook Pro revamp is expected to be unveiled in the next few months, but it seems that Apple’s Silicon Mac family is going to expand significantly.

A new 13-inch MacBook Pro is on the way, according to Bloomberg’s Mark Gurman, but new claims in his Power On newsletter say that seven new Mac models will be delivered in 2022, all using some form of Apple’s silicon CPUs.

As stated in the newsletter, headed “Return of the Mac,” there will be a variety of M1SoCs (systems-on-a-chip) available, including the existing M1 Pro and M1 Max, as well as an improved M1 Max chip and the much-anticipated ‘M2’ silicon.

According to Gurman, the following Mac models will be released in 2022:

It is thought that just the new 13-inch MacBook Pro will be presented at the forthcoming Apple March event, but if the M2 SoC is disclosed, it is possible that the Mac Mini and redesigned MacBook Air will also be delivered with the latest generation of Apple silicon. Even if Apple doesn’t unveil a new Mac, “I’ve been informed to anticipate at least one new Mac that day,” Gurman adds.

Since nothing is ever 100% certain, it’s best not to put too much faith in Gurman’s claims about Apple’s plans for the near future. Even if the official date is still a few days away, we won’t have long until we find out what Apple has been working on.

Is there enough Apple Silicon in the Mac Pro to handle its power?

There are seven new Mac launches this year, but they’ll be spread out throughout the year like Apple has done in the past with new hardware. We weren’t surprised by the sheer number of goods, but the inclusion of the Mac Pro desktop has piqued our interest nevertheless.

Even the most powerful M1 chip can’t compete with a dedicated desktop graphics card, particularly if you’re running a creative system like the Macbook Pro.

In this scenario, either the graphics capabilities of the M2 chip will blow us out of the water, Apple will continue to use AMD desktop graphics, or…Apple has started creating their own graphics cards. Unfortunately, there have been no reliable rumors about any of them, so we’re stuck playing the waiting game. It is our only hope that the famous cheesegrater design will be preserved, even if just for the sake of keeping its charm alive.