A Quick Hack for More Productive Meetings: Zoom Update

Zoom has updated its video conferencing software, Zoom+, with a slew of new features and updates to help businesses be more productive during meetings. Hosts can now schedule a meeting with Focus Mode set to start automatically, according to a new blog post. While this function was originally intended for online learning, it may also assist big businesses with numerous staff in keeping on track during meetings.

For those who aren’t, Zoom’s Focus Mode restricts meeting participants to seeing only themselves, the host, and/or co-hosts while viewing the material being shared. Hosts and co-hosts, on the other hand, can turn on Gallery View so that they may observe everyone at once.

The improvements aren’t just limited to Zoom’s web conferencing service, either. The company has also added the ability to save a custom Gallery View arrangement. Meeting organizers may now save a customized gallery order for each unique meeting ID, allowing them to pull up the saved customized order before a meeting rather than manually changing the order every time they’re in a video session.

Video Mail

Zoom has introduced a new update for its cloud phone system that will make it simpler for coworkers to stay in touch, in addition to assisting users have more successful meetings. Zoom has also announced a new update for its cloud phone system that will make it simpler for colleagues to keep in touch.

Almost everyone in the world has a mobile phone, and most of them have voicemail. The majority of individuals do not check their voicemail any longer, thus Zoom has decided to give its users a more personal alternative to traditional voicemail.

Zoom Phone users can now send video greetings to their coworkers right from their voicemail inbox, thanks to the new functionality. To start leaving video greetings or videomail for your coworkers, go to Zoom’s support page and click through until you find it.

Some employees have returned to work full-time, while others have been permitted to do so. Other companies, on the other hand, have implemented hybrid work rules in which some people are at the workplace and others at home. Employees may stay connected with their teams no matter where they are working using Zoom’s new technologies.