A long-desired desktop feature of Spotify is now available on mobile devices as well

In what feels like an eternity, music lovers have been begging Spotify to bring over the Friend Activity sidebar from desktop to mobile, and they’re finally getting their wish.

The ability to check what your Spotify friends or Facebook connections are presently listening to has never been accessible on Android or iOS mobile versions of the programme until today.

However, it seems that music lovers on the move will soon have access to this capability.

Spotify claims to be testing a new “Community” option for mobile devices that looks to give the same experience as Friend Activity, indicating what music your friends and Facebook connections are listening in real time, as well as what playlists they’ve just updated.

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It’s interesting to note that anybody with an iOS smartphone may get into the test area. Simply put “spotify:community” in your Safari address bar if you’re on an iPhone or iPad and feel like a nosy around.

Because of how well it integrated with Facebook and other social media platforms like it at the time, Spotify was able to gain a significant amount of popularity. You couldn’t get Spotify if you wanted to listen to the music that was being shared everywhere. It was its biggest accomplishment, and competitors like as Tidal at its start were unable to duplicate, placing them well behind in the popularity stakes. ‘

In the wake of the recent addition of “Blends” – a tool that allows you to create new playlists with friends based on both of your musical preferences – Spotify is returning to its original goal of encouraging music discovery through your friends’ listening habits with the addition of this new Community feature for mobile apps.

Hopefully Spotify will enable Community to connect to other social networks outside Facebook, otherwise we’ll be listening to your uncle’s boomer Britpop mix instead of some fresh new bangers, which is a shame.

Spotify may be in need of a return to its best social features in an age when it doesn’t seem like such a good bargain compared to its competitors.