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A 2007 original, sealed iPhone 1 could bring $50,000 at auction

The most current iPhone, the iPhone 14, was released in September of this year, but the iPhone brand as a whole dates back to 2007, and the first iPhone, along with other early Apple-made handsets, are now worth far more than their original $499 asking price.

An untouched, original iPhone 1 is available for sale, with a high estimate of $50,000 (about £41,480 or AU$72,235). Even after 16 years, that’s a decent rate of return.

According to the auction ad, this is “widely recognised as a blue-chip item amongst high-end collectors” and is “one of the most significant and omnipresent technologies of our age.”

Best technological advancement ever

Two previous auctions for identical goods have reportedly fetched close to$40,000, and the price seems certain to rise over time, as mentioned by the auctioneers. At the time of this writing, the item had a current high price of almost $11,000, with the auction set to end on Thursday.

It’s undeniably a significant technological advancement, and it may even be the technological advancement of the century, but as a phone it simply doesn’t cut it in the present. The device’s screen measures a puny 3.5 inches diagonally (with a maximum resolution of 480×320 pixels), and its storage capacity is capped at a paltry 16GB. A single 2 megapixel camera may be found on the back.

While we praised the initial iPhone’s user-friendliness and “dazzling screen,” we noted its lack of 3G connection (ha! ), as well as its fixed-focus camera. Our review of the first iPhone is still accessible online.

Get your drawers in order

You may want to search your closets and basements for old and vintage gadgets, but don’t expect to earn a fortune off of something like a Google Pixel 2. The price of an original Apple iPhone has increased by a factor of 100 in only 16 years, demonstrating the device’s legendary status.

When determining a product’s value, it’s vital to consider not just how long ago it was made, but also the company that made it and its significance in the industry. Apple products are popular among collectors; in 2021, for example, an Apple-1 computer designed by Steve Jobs and Steve Wozniak cost a hefty $400,000.

The condition of your ancient equipment is also quite important; if you’ve used them for a few years before storing them away, you won’t receive nearly as much for them. Keep your devices in their original packaging if you’re thinking about investing in technology for the long haul.

It’s impossible to say what the next hot piece of collectible technology will be, but gaming consoles and Apple products are safe bets. If you have the means, you may want to consider putting aside money for an Apple augmented reality headset or a Nintendo Switch 2 when they become available.