5 Best new smartphones coming in 2020

Nokia 10

Is it realistic? Probably not, but the upcoming Mobile 2020 NokiaExpected to launch, called Nokia 10.. 4-axis optical phoneDual on its rear with Image Stabilization 48MP (wide-angle and telephoto)To be loaded with a combination of camera sensors went anywhere.

The second will be on, and selfie selfie snapper to 16MP for video callsThe important thing is that it is enough to record 1080p videoWill happen. Rumors suggested that the 6.5-inch display and other featuresThe dust-resistant, water-resistant and quick charging 4+ with.

2: Xiaomi Mi 10

If one were to believe in rumors and tips, so your Xiaomi in ChinaThe new flagship device about one or two days before the 2020 Mobile World CongressWill launch. Price-wise, it expects users to set £ 500 returnThat which is contrary to Choice upcoming LG G-9 and Galaxy 11(the upcoming).

Xiaomi Mi 10 is one of the best new phones, which Qualcomm Snapdragon865 chipset, coming in 2020 with a huge 64MP Samsung camera and MIUI 10..The rest, which includes a non-removable battery of 5000mAh required featuresCurrently available in the upgraded huge. 3300mAh of Cell and 6.2 inchesDisplay. It will say goodbye to Mi 10 a position that is most likelyInstead of pop-up camera will follow the five-hole stretch.

3: LG G9 ThinQ

Online sources have said nothing about the LG G 9 Thinkyu,But the Mobile World Congress, the most to be launched in 2020. moreLikely. We have like LG G8 Thinkyu in UK shelvesCollide If we lose this. According to LG, 5 g V-seriesConnectivity will not, while G-series will be stuck on 4G. Therefore, it is aDoes not promise well for the phone, which is already its rugged NotedScreen, rear-mounted fingerprint scanner and a bit with a dual-lens cameraDated was. LG G-8 Thinkyu Excel, however, performance and audio qualityIn the case and should expect to be similar to the LG G 9 ThinkyuWill happen. In addition, LG G-9 is the lack of a 3.5mm headphone jack Thinkyu thatSamsung has removed the 10 its newly released Samsung Galaxy Note.

4: Apple iPhone X Fold

Apple in 2019 than will launch an admirable smartphone, but itDoes not mean that the company will launch a Foldebl phones in the coming years.This suggests that the folds are the strongest rumors around that Apple iPhone X NameWill present his first Foldebl phone, who think that the best upcoming smartphone2020 will become.

Go through a patent images – it indicates that Apple’s upcomingThe phone is going to be Foldebl. In addition, many real-to-fanAre made, show that the phone is going to be so precise. Although someIs not official and we have heard nothing that is based on rumors.

5: Huawei P40

A wide range of the phones launch without doubt, 2020Interestingly, Huawei P 40 and P 40 Pro will be one of them. Huawei generallyAfter MWC launches its P- series devices and the two devicesPossibly with 5G variants will continue the march. Some sources, which explainsThat the name Huawei P400 But we succeeded Huawei P30 to P40Values ​​are.

P-series device Huawei is known for its photography – so,Upcoming Huawei P will have a fifth camera 40 Pro Nokia 9 Penta-lensIs like the camera configuration. In Haisilicon Kirin 990 chipsetIs expected to be equipped with what is now tested for Huawei Mate 30.