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5 Best Food Processors Under $100 for the Home Chef

best food processors under 100

A perfect kitchen decides how well does a person manage his household in his daily life. As you know that every home chef needs to have all the essential tools to create the meals they love. Having the best food processor not only make their cooking preparation easier but it helps to save the time as well.

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The Hamilton Beach Stack and snap Food processor

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Shark Navigator Lift-Away Professional NV356E

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Cuisinart DLC -2ABC

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Hamilton Beach 14 Cup Food processor

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Aid KFC 3516R 3.5 Cup mini Food processor

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If you simply want to have a budget-friendly gadget in your kitchen, then you need to buy or upgrade your food processor for a wholesome new experience. If you are searching for a new Food processor for your kitchen, there are some factor that you need to place into consideration, before you make your final choice.

The Food processors help to do the extra fine chopping or pureeing. That being said, whatever the reason you decide that you need a Food processor, they can help.When you have given some consideration as to why you want to add a Food processor in your kitchen and what you want to use it for, there are some factors that you need to be aware of in an individual Food processor.

1]The Hamilton Beach Stack and snap Food processor

Our first Food processor is The Hamilton Beach Stack and snaps Food processor; the processor is one of the best Food processors in your budget. This Food processor can stand up against some of the more expensive Food processors in the market, yet it does not break your budget at a price.​

Now come positive points about it that it is easy to assemble and easy to remove blades also. This Food processor is also very easy to clean like soft dishwasher bowl. It has a large capacity -12 cups bowl and does not take up too much counter space.

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Its blades are very sharp, and its suction at the bottom keep the Food processor in the place while in use. Beside of it does not have to twist the Food processor to use. But it is easy to store and have two blades for its use.

This Food processor has lightweight and works very quickly. It is also easy to remove food items after use and can add food items while the Food processor is in use. This Food processor has one year warranty also.

But it can sometimes struggle to mix uniformly. The food can become stuck in the handle which is difficult to remove. Its shredding function may not provide a consistent result.

It is not great for small batches (under 2 cups). Its sound is very loud when in use. It is very tall, which is not ideal for some customer and pureeing can be difficult with this Food processor.

2] Hamilton Beach Food processor

This food processor from Hamilton justifies the brand name of Hamilton. This product under the brand name of Hamilton comes up with a bowl scraper for easy to remove stuff. This Food processor is neither too large nor too small regarding size

and is capable of processing any quantity of food you place in it. Its bowl scraper ensures extremely clean side while processing the food. But this food processor does not overstress the motor with too much processing

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3] Cuisinart DLC -2ABC

Our next Food processor is Cuisinart DLC -2ABC Mini-Prep Plus Food processor Brushed Chrome and Nickel which is a small and designed compact Food processor that packs a punch. The powerful yet lightweight design allows for quick work without taking up too much counter space. The main quality of this Food processor is its assembling which is comparatively.

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But it is not ideal for larger processing, not as versatile as other Food processors and it made of plastic, not stainless steel. It’s overworking motor may cause break down of Food processors and not as durable as other Food processors.

 Its bowl may break after several months of heavy use, and its liquid can come through the top when in used heavily. It makes quite an unpleasant sound when in surplus it does not include suction cup to stay in place while in use

4] Hamilton Beach 14 Cup Food processor

Hamilton is very well known for producing the finest kitchen appliances under affordable rates consistently. This food processor from Hamilton is not the cheapest but is worth every buck spent on it/with Big Mouth Feed Tube and French Fry Blade this food processor is the best food processor in the given price range.

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Considering the need This Food processor have large bowl capacity and very easy to assemble. It has nice storage and has versatile use function. It will not operate unless locked in place and also great for home or business. It has powerful 525 watts and works quickly no matter the size processing job. Its suction cup allows the Food processor to stay in place during use and the most important thing that it also has one year warranty 

Now the weak point of this food processor is it’s functioning with a blade, as its blade can get stuck when overworked or overloaded. Its assembling is easy but takes more time comparatively than other Food processors. Its design with hole in the middle can cause the leak or food items fall trough.

5 ] Aid KFC 3516R 3.5 Cup mini Food processor

The last food processor in our comes under the brand name of Aid, which is the highest rated food processor considering the user reviews from Amazon. Aid KFC 3516R 3.5 Cup mini Food processor is a kind of food processor which lets you process your food smoothly delivering a high-quality operational experience. As compared to the other model

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it is also easy to use, small and compact, easy to assemble, store. It is great for dry fruit items, and it chops finely, works quickly and also includes pulsing function. Its blades are sharp and soft to use as it locks in place before the motor turns on. But it cannot stop work if overloaded with too many food items and not best for pureeing. Frankly, it is not the best food processor for adding liquid and for small tasks as the bowl capacity is just 3.5 cups!