10 things to expect at Apple’s October 18th ‘Unleashed’ event.

Many Apple fans have been waiting for this moment for a long time: The company has announced its second fall ‘special event’ of the year, where it is expected to reveal its next generation of ARM-powered MacBook Pros.

Next week’s event, it seems, is the moment for Apple to reveal new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pro models. We’ve heard reports for a long time that Apple will unveil new 14 and 16-inch MacBook Pros in 2021, and this appears to be the week.

Although this latest turbocharged CPU has been dubbed the ‘M1X’ by Apple, it’s not clear what the new chip will be called. In any case, you can anticipate a significant performance boost over the M1, which currently offers the greatest perf per watt on the market.

The new iPad Pro models will most certainly feature advanced displays and significant GPU improvements in order to compete with tablets with dedicated graphics cards – rumors have suggested a 16-core or 32-core GPU, rather than the 8-core GPU present in M1 devices.

Aside from processing power, the devices may also feature Mini LED for the first time on a MacBook, allowing for near-OLED-like contrast and bright displays.

Expectations are that the new MacBook Pros will include things like an improved design, faster processors, and upgraded ports. Increased RAM capacity is also expected to be one of the features. A 1080P webcam, a new MagSafe connection, an SD card slot, and even — gasp! — an HDMI port are among the anticipated characteristics.

As a Windows user, I find myself living in a bizarro world, where the ‘Apple Tax’ delivers more ports and superior performance than you can get on most comparable Windows computers, not to mention an alternative OS and amazing design (in comparison, the Surface Laptop Studio has only two Thunderbolt 4 ports and no extra docking station).

Not only is the Touch Bar being phased out, but it’s also been deemed completely useless.

Apple’s event invitation suggests something… quick.

Apple is reportedly developing a new Mac Mini, this one with an all-new design and the more powerful M1X processor, which will be known as whatever.

According to a top-level KGI Securities analyst, Max Weinbach (via his PineLeaks account), the new Leaks will come with a bigger battery and will include wireless charging as standard.

Untamed! These next six days are going to fly by.

The next-generation MacBook Air is expected to include many of the same features as the current-generation MacBook Pros, including a Mini LED screen and reduced bezels, but it won’t debut until later this year.

Simply put, a new Mac Pro is unlikely at this time. Apple Silicon has shown itself to be extremely capable; therefore, it’s likely too early for Apple to offer it on workstation desktops intended for high-end, professional applications.

We’ve known for years that Apple has been developing its mixed reality ambitions, but it looks like Apple’s first such device will not be introduced until 2022 at the earliest.